KENTO- Awkward Monkey Puppet!

Kento is the most awkward moment meme on the Internet. Everyone including Elon loves Kento, the awkward-looking monkey puppet. $KENTO is a super-deflationary, BUSD reflector meme token that rewards everyone.

About $KENTO:

Kento, popularly known as the Awkward-Looking or Awkward-staring Monkey Puppet is one of the most used meme characters on the internet. It’s one of the most recognizable memes in the world. $Kento is here to revive the meme on the Internet again. $kento is built for the most fun-loving netizens.

✅ Holder Rewards: 5% ✅ Liquidity Pool: 2% ✅ Airdrop: 1% ✅ Burn: 2%

$KENTO is the first ever meme token entirely built for the people. The Internet loves 'Kento' that's why everyone on Twitter who tweets any memes by using Kento will be airdropped $KENTO in their wallet.

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Kento's Roadmap

This map displays how $KENTO is planning to expand it's growth.

Download $Kento MemePaper

Read the MemePaper to know $Kento's future plans and progress steps. Currently, the paper is only available in English, other language versions are coming soon!

Frequently asked questions on $KENTO

Here are the answers to the top 4 questions about $KENTO we got on Twitter & Telegram.

What are the use cases of $Kento apart from just being a meme token?

First of all, $Kento is a pure meme token built for the people, but that doesn't limit its capabilities. As soon as $KENTO gains enough holders & attention, many utility services will be launched one by one which will be announced later.

How $Kento give BUSD rewards?

This is the specialty of $Kento. It's the algorithm of the $KENTO's smart contract which gives BUSD as long as you're holding $Kento in your decentralized wallet. Whenever someone buys or sells their $Kento, the contract collects a 10% fee from every transaction. 5% of the transaction fees go to existing holders in the form of BUSD.

How to buy or sell $Kento on Trust Wallet and MetaMask?

Please see this 2 minutes tutorial on YouTube:

Why don't I see BUSD in my wallet?

First of all, enable BUSD(Binance-Pegged USD) on your Trust Wallet/Metamask or decentralized wallet you're using to be shown. Otherwise, import the BEP20 BUSD contract into your wallet: 0xe9e7cea3dedca5984780bafc599bd69add087d56 to see your rewards in your wallet.

Remember: If you have got a very small amount of BUSD (check your rewards on ) then it might reach your wallet a couple of hours later.

Frequently Asked Questions on Kento Token
Kento Tokenomics


The following Tokenomics chart shows how the total supply of $KENTO will be distributed among various sections.

Fees Distribution

Fees Distribution

Token Distrbution

Kento Distribution